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Geneva Jacuzzi

  This little lady, Geneva Jacuzzi, is a dark, emotional, firecracker. I had honestly never heard of her before seeing her on the Poptone bill. I was talking with the head of security when the show started, all I saw on stage was Poptone's gear, and some plastic on the floor. Then I see a figure slink around from behind the stage and climb under the plastic, then moaning echoed from the sound system, breathing, heavier, and faster and then the music started. The only thing I can equate the style of music to is if Siouxsie Sioux and Simon Lebon made music while making love back in 1983. It's dark, its poppy, its...completely Geneva. And halfway through her performance, a girl in front of me was tweeting "when you come for the headliner but the opening act blows you away!" and posted a photo of Geneva from performing inside a plastic bubble (the aforementioned plastic on the stage turned out to be an inflatable bubble!).

  I can definitely get down to her music, being an 80's kid myself, I've loved the sounds of synthesizers, 808 beats, and dark goth music. And Geneva Jacuzzi throws it all together and ads some great lyrics to boot. I can see some of her songs being used in skate videos in the near future.  


 You can find her at: