Cirque La Vie

Houston is full of surprises. Namely, the people. Among them are a Circus group called Cirque La Vie. We have been following them around for a few months and have been getting to know them quite well. 

Each performer has a different background and story, but yet they all ended up here...together. 

I stumbled upon them a few months back when looking for something to do on a Friday evening. I heard they were performing at the George R. Brown Convention Center, so we headed down, and being from Vegas I really didn't know what to expect from a Houston act. 

What I saw was beyond anything I have seen in Vegas, or anywhere else for that matter. From contortion, to acrobats. From comedy to performers flying...literally flying across the stage. It's something that should definitely be added to your "to do" list while in Houston. 

Cirque La Vie fails to disappoint, and their passion, and dedication to their arts is astounding. P.T. Barnum would greatly approve!