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U.S. Bombs!

  First show of 2018 and it was The U.S. Bombs at White Oak Music Hall in Houston, Tx!

This was my first time shooting at WOMH, and I was very impressed. The place was great. Sound and lights were great. Staff was great. Parking fucking sucked ass, but it's Houston so I guess that's to be expected. 


  Duane Peters and the rest of the band were intense! But first lets backtrack a bit...

DP has been a force to not be wreckoned with for many years. From going pro (skateboarding) back in the 70's, earning the name 'The Master of Disaster', he is the embodiment of all things PUNK! Shredding his way through the 80's and fronting the U.S. Bombs. 

  Then POOF! He seemed to have disappeared. Reminiscent of 'Animal Chin', "Have you seen him?" was a common question asked whenever any brought up Duane's name. Gone. No facebook or instagram posts. No incoming or out going calls. Where was he?

  I have no idea where he went, but the important thing is...HE'S BACK! And this time, he's bringing his 'Bombs' out on the road again. The tour is just starting to kick off and has quite a few dates coming. As well as some dates with the Vans Warped tour this summer, then followed by a European tour!  So be sure to catch one or maybe even a couple of their shows!

You can find them socially at:

instagram- @TheUSbombs